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Know every detail about your system's hardware components
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Gathering technical information about your PC requires you to dive into the Windows setup, the BIOS, the Properties tab and a number of other menu options. In some cases, the amount of information provided is not always as exhaustive as some users would require, and in all cases it is too scattered and difficult to get to to be of use to the average user. Black Bird System Info unveils to you everything you need to know about your computer in one single and intuitive interface, from details about your CPU to extensive information about your system’s memory, network adapters and protocols, motherboard, BIOS, etc.

This is a purely informative tool. Black Bird System Info is not a workaround to changing your BIOS settings, resizing your memory, or updating your drivers in a more user-friendly environment. This is an app for those who love assembling their own PC and know more about each of its core components to avoid compatibility or configuration problems. If you’re interested only in having more in-depth information about your system’s processor, motherboard, BIOS, and memory (cache, physical, PerfRawData, and PerfOS), you’ll be happy to know that the app’s free version provides you with all of these details at a glance and without limitation. If, however, you would also like to know more about your network settings, optical drives, mouse and keyboard, storage drives, etc., you’ll need to upgrade to the Professional edition for a fee.

The information provided is really exhaustive and clearly designed for the IT technician and for those users who like tweaking their hardware. It is a pity that there is no way of storing or sharing the detailed information it provides, as there is no way of sending it to a printer or to save it as a text or PDF file. Other than that, this is an app that hardware technicians and connoisseurs would love to have installed on their PC.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Detailed technical information at a glance
  • In-depth information about all hardware components


  • No printing capabilities
  • No save-to-file option
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